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Samantha's Thought's Feb 2011

                     Samantha’s Thought’s

Happy Valentine’s Day also Feliz Dia De San Valentin!!!

    Wow, we have come a long way since November 2010, and I wish for many more issues to come as well. Just a shout-out to everybody who makes this magazine possible, Raia, for her idea to start an online penpal magazine, the people behind the layout and design, the article writer’s that submit monthly and give much thought and effort into each and every article we write, and to all the newcomer’s who will write future article’s for this amazing magazine.
That is what make’s this magazine worth reading and writing for, in my opinion. With that out of the way, we come to what Valentine’s Day means to me.
Valentine’s day has always been special to me. As a kid, our whole class would use brown paper lunch bags, glue, glitter, markers, stickers, and cut out hearts to decorate them. Then, when we were done, we would tape a part of the open side to the outside our desks. When we would come inside from recess, our teacher had already added a sandwich bag of goodie’s for us containing candy, pencil’s, pen’s, heart shaped eraser’s, and mini notepad’s.
Then, it was the student’s turn. To run around the classroom and put our valentine’s day cards in each person’s lunchbag. Nobody got left out. There was at least 30 kids to our class back in elementary school. Sometime’s  you would get a letter from a boy who has a crush on you and signed “ Your secret Admirer.”  The girl’s would color Disney princess coloring pages for each other or something with princesses on them, and the boy’s would include mini hot wheel car’s for the boys.  It was fun as a kid.
Here we are 20 year’s later and my oldest daughter still has the same tradition she follows every year in her classes. I love it. She always make’s me a special card at home, that I add on our refrigerator.
I volunteered for her kindergarten class all of last year and her whole class, including the teacher surprised me with homemade Valentine’s Day cards just show show their appreciation just for me. It was so sweet and melted my heart.
When I was 13, I received my first Valentine’s Day card from a blonde haired, blue eyed boy who liked me. I still have it in fact. The card has a floppy eared bunny holding a box of chocolates shaped as a heart saying “ Be Mine.” When, I opened the card it read “ Happy Valentine’s Day! I really like you! Will you be my girlfriend?” Can you guess who it was from? None other then the man I am married to today.
It’s amazing what a little puppy love can make you do. I had made him a card saying I would be his girlfriend, and he kissed me on the cheek. Fourteen years later, here we are married for 7 years ( this July 4th ), and three beautiful, talented, smart, and wonderful princesses of our own. We are living our own love fairy tale.
Every year my husband brings me a dozen long stem roses and a big heart shaped box of yummy chocolates with a beautiful card and teddy bear. It’s kind of a ritual. I always get him a card, write him a poem of how I feel and get him a “manly” stuffed animal. This year the kids and I are going to make some Valentine’s paper craft’s, sit back and watch a movie together as a family. We pick “ Tangeled,” this year for our family movie and for the adult’s, we will have some wine and sit back and either watch “Letter’s To Juliet,” or “ Dear John.”
Valentine’s Day isn’t all about being married or having a boyfriend or girlfriend.  You can share Valentine’s Day with s group of friend’s and have a party, or take advantage of the sales and go shopping, go clubbing with the girls, have a pajama party and watch movies, play games, drink some wine, and eat chocolate, but most of all have fun.
This year if my husband has to work, I got my three girl’s to keep me company and have our own pajama party, eat popcorn, watch a movie or listen to music ( this year it’s all about Justin Beiber) and sing and dance until we get tired.
Happy Birthday to all those born in the month of February. As soon as I get my blog up and running, you will be able to comment and leave suggestions, recommendations, and/or answer the questions I usually ask throughout my article. So, please bare with me while I work on getting it up and going. The link is at the bottom of the article.
I will be adding older articles from the previous article’s of Samantha’s Thought’s, so you can go back and answer those questions also. Which brings me to my first question to be answered on my blog: What do you think about Prince William and Katherine Middleton’s engagement? Why do you think he chose her out of every girl/woman he has dated, and proposed to her with his belated mother’s engagement ring? Do you think the ring could be cursed? I only say that as the relationship between Princess Diana and Prince Charles wasn’t a good marriage. I was always raised to never use an old family engagement ring, if the marriage didn’t work out.
You can follow up on my blog very soon. I would like your honest and true opinions and answers from your heart.
Here in the USA, we are getting ready for the Superbowl. It’s good American football and we have The Greenbay Packer’s ( Go Packer’s) and The Pittsburg Steeler’s playing against each other. Whichever team win get’s a lot of money and a trophy as well as a Superbowl Gold/Silver and diamond ring. Most people go to Disneyworld and take their families when they win. I watch football with my husband and we are big Packer’s fans!!!

Recently, (well placed in previous issues) I placed a “ Lost a penpal,” ad for the magazine. She was my first penpal ever, when I first got the internet at age 14. Well, somehow over the years we had lost touch and that’s why I placed the ad looking for her. She somehow came across Sandbook.Net and noticed I was looking for her, and she contacted me saying she was wondering what happened and why we lost touch and still wants to be penpals.  We exchanged addresses again and now we will write to each other again. Isn’t that exciting? I really missed her and I’m glad this magazine helped me find her find me, and me being able to place an ad to find her. So, if you think the “lost a penpal ,” ad doesn’t work. I can assure it does.
Is anyone on Interpals anymore? I have a very informative profile on there that tells more about me if anyone is willing to check it out and add me as a friend. I am curious to see your profile’s also and just link me to yours. Here is my link : .
Here is something I found just browsing the internet the other night that I think will be fun for everyone to do for Valentine’s Day.
Your Personal Valentine’s Day Numerology

Calculating your numerology for a special day is called event numerology.

 Here is a look at what the numbers reveal for you this Valentine’s Day and what they forecast for you in terms of love and romance.  All it takes to figure out your own personal day numerology for Valentine’s day, 2011 is a few simple calculations that you will be walked through in this article.

First of calculate your Life Path number. This is easy enough as all it entails is adding up the numerical digits in your birth dates and reducing them to one digit.

For instance let’s say your birthday is June 7, 1960.  The calculation for your Life Path Number would be-

6+7+1+9+6+0 = 30 = 3+0 = 3

Keep whatever number you arrive at in mind as you will need it late to figure out your own Personal Valentine’s Day numerology.

This year’s Valentine’s Day equates to being February 14, 2011 which translates numerological to being –

1+1+4+2+0+1+1= 9

The event number for Valentine’s Day 2011 is 9.

To arrive at your own event numerology for Valentine’s Day you would add your Life Path number to the 2011 Valentine’s Day number of 9.  So in the case of the birth date example above that would be 3 + 9 = 12 = 1+2 = 3. 

Once you have done your personal numerology for that day you can then look up the interpretations below to find out how your Valentine’s Day will go.

If your Personal Valentine’s Day Numerology is a 1…

It is more than likely that you will be spending this Valentine’s Day alone. However you may not be that unhappy about it as you may be busy making money or away on a trip. It can also mean that you will be single this year.  Instead of partying or going to a “meet market” of some kind you might prefer to spend time alone pampering yourself at a spa or simply going to bed early and reading a good book. This number means that you will prefer to spend your time loving yourself and doing things that interest you and increase your sense of self-esteem and self-worth.  It is likely to be a quieter, more reflective Valentine’s Day for you but there is nothing wrong with that!

If your Personal Valentine’s Day Numerology is a 2 …

You are bound to spend a very loving and special Valentine’s Day with the one you love. It is not likely that the two of you will go out in public. It might be a memorable time spent between the sheets or doing something together that the both of you love like taking a long walk in nature or cooking a delicious meal for each other. The other nice thing about this 2 energy is that it denotes commitment and it is quite possible that a proposal or engagement could happen for you this Valentine’s Day. If you entered this year single, it is possible you could, through a lucky coincidence, meet the right person on St. Valentine’s Day. Your chances are doubly assured of this if you do something you really love that day; even if you are by yourself as that is one sure way to attract a soul mate.

If your Personal Valentine’s Day Numerology is a 3 …

This predicts a Valentine’s Day that might possibly find you torn between two people. The 3 is the ultimate number that denotes a love triangle. There may be a question of commitment or loyalties. Indecision or a fear of offending one party or another often leads the person to attend a party in order to having to face any type of dilemma where they feel torn.  In some cases the 3 event numerology can indicate some pretty kinky sexual activity, especially with someone who is also experiencing a 3 personal event day or a 5 day. Yet another thing that could happen on this day is an over-indulgence in alcohol or food that further sabotages you from moving forward with plans with someone, prevents sex or prevents discussions about commitment. Still the wildness of the evening will prove to be a great deal of fun, no matter where you end up.

If your Personal Valentine’s Day Numerology is a 4 …

You are not likely to make much of this holiday this year whether you are with someone or not. It is not that you don’t have something to celebrate, it is just that you may be held back by a lack of money, a great distance between you and a loved one or even a health problem. When Valentine’s Day event number is a 4 it means that there is little room for a relationship that excludes others. You may have to work late or include coworkers or family in your plans, if they do happen to develop. It is also more likely that if there is any kind of acknowledgment of the holiday that it will be celebrated at home. Although the number is friendly, it is also not that friendly or romantic so don’t get your expectations up too high when it comes to Valentine’s Day this year.

If your Personal Valentine’s Day Numerology is a 5 …

This holiday you are going to feel like you might want to strike out on your own and experience life’s sensual pleasures to the fullest.  This is okay if you are single but even people who are not single might decide to create a bit of a crisis with their loved ones so they can see what else their options might be when it comes to love and adventure. Five is a restless, reckless number that takes chances on love and acts from the groin instead of the head. It is also the number of the addict that indulges too much. Overdoing it when it comes to partying is a definite likelihood for the person with the 5 Personal Valentine’s Day number.  The good news though is that it is a very sexual number and there is likely to be some kind of romance finishing off the evening for you.

If your Personal Valentine’s Day Numerology is a 6 …

You are destined to spend your Valentine’s Day with family and friends. This is likely to be a social event that includes quite a few people, which does not make it such a romantic one. If you are experiencing this number on February 14th it is highly likely you are expected to babysit kids or look after elderly people. You might also find yourself in the position of hosting a dinner party. The 6 vibe is very domestic and dutiful and not that concerned with courtship or sexual adventures, however if you are attached you may have sex with your husband or wife simply as a way of acknowledging the tradition of romance on Valentine’s Day.  However it is more likely that fatigue from putting everyone else first and being responsible is likely to make too tired to care whether you are desirable or not.

If your Personal Valentine’s Day Numerology is a 7…

It is highly likely that you will be spending this Valentine’s Day alone and more than likely that you will be suffering from some kind of unrequited love or heartbreak. The 7 is a very obsessive number and it may take all of your strength not to contact an ex or give into feelings of despair. Although it is advisable for you to spend the day with friends, it is not advisable to go to romantic places if you are alone or recently separated as it could depress you. If you are attached you might simply just feel depressed and more like doing simple things like watching television or surfing the internet. The 7 energy is not that romantic however it is creative. Finding a way to express yourself through music or art is highly recommended on a 7 personal day.  Time alone pampering oneself and shopping for a new wardrobe is recommended to lift the spirits.

If your Personal Valentine’s Day Numerology is 8…

This Valentine’s Day is one that is likely to be enriched by the presence of someone who truly loves you and wants to celebrate it in the traditional manner. It is likely you will be going out to dinner with that special someone, drinking champagne and then going home together. If you have been attached for a long time the two of you could be enjoying discussing your future together. If you are single you could meet someone unique or new quite by accident. This is one of the nicest numbers to have on a Valentine’s Day as it is all about loyalty, unity and a commitment that lasts forever.  The number 8 can also signify finding or celebrating a partner who is both emotionally and financially completely secure and who makes you rich by association.

If your Personal Valentine’s Day Numerology is a 9…

You are likely to perceive this holiday as being too commercial for you to celebrate in the traditional day and want to opt instead to do something private and empowering with the one you love. You may have a ritual that is shared only between the two of you that will cement your bond such as exchanging sentimental objects or taking each others picture. If you are single you will not be seeking out a kindred spirit as you will feel just as happy to be alone this year. In fact you may make it your mission to be self-satisfying and throw a party for all of your single friends, not with the intention of matchmaking, but more to be altruistic on this holiday to show that love should be inclusive and unconditional in nature. By being positive, you may attract a wonderful new relationship to you or enjoy even more enriching times with your current partner.

Now for a word about the Numerology number for the Event which we have calculated as being a 9. This means that the overall tone of this year’s Valentine’s Day celebrations will be a little less focused on the importance of being a couple or one’s own story when it comes to love and more focused on making sure that everyone is taken care of and his having fun.

 The 9 energy also means that the parties will be less focused on sex and romance, more about family and children and that there will be less parties in general. This is not a very erotic influence but it can be fun because it is not all about money, impressing people or being competitive sexually.

Any ideas for my next article to write about in March? I am Irish, so my family and I celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!
I am always looking for some good book recommendation’s on anything. Love, ghosts, Astrology, Astrology, Numerology, Angel’s, Vampire Novel’s, anything by your favorite author’s. Link me to the book’s amazon page, please.
So, please go to my blog and subscribe as soon as possible so I can approve it. There’s not much there now but very soon there will be. I will follow anyone back that follows me also.
In a separate article, possibly March’s issue, I am going to be setting up ( with Raia’s help) a children looking for penpal’s section. I have a 7 year old that can read and write, a 4 year old that can color, and a 2 year that can scribble. We can always help our children make crafts, send sticker’s or postcards or coloring pages.
What am I reading at the moment: Numerous things that you can get a description from Amazon.
1.      Angel Magic- Cassandra Eason
2.      The Vampire diarie’s: Stefan’s Diary by L.J.Smith
3.      Lillian Too’s Guide to Numerology
4.      Faerie Path- Frewin Jones.

Well, I hope you have a very great Valentine’s Day. If your single, don’t stay home, go out and have some fun!.

Samantha Stroy

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