Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I Love Mail

Today was a great mail day. Not only did I get a couple books i ordered but received some Christmas Cards and a few nice letters that I will take some pictures of and upload them shortly. Mail makes me happy. Every day I look forward to checking my mailbox to see what I get. WITHOUT penpalling my life would be boring and empty. It's like a safe haven for me to express myself, meet new people, and just write and not be judged based on who I am. The person on the other end who receives my letter enjoys it as much I enjoyed writing it and it makes it all worthwhile.

So, right now I am watching Toy Story 3. Ya, I'm a kid at heart..LOL. and it brings me back to memories of when I had my first penpal that wasn't family. Her name is Diana and she lives in Germany. Somehow we have lost touch but we were penpals for 6 years straight. I looked forward to her letters. We wrote about everything. Exchanged pictures, long letters, friendship books, and she introduced me to a character named Diddl. I do miss her.
I have been writing letters since I can remember. My cousin Veronica and I used to send each other letters and we lived in the same town. Something to look forward to and we were I think 7 or 8. My sister's Jackie and Kimmy lives in Reno. Every summer since i was 2 I would visit and when I came back to California, I think we started at age 5, we wrote each other about everything. New friends, new toys, about life a 5 year old had..LOL. I still have some of those letters also.

So, penpalling for me has been around for a long time. I have penpals in many countries and love them all.
I'm always open to new penpals too. Sometime's it takes time for a letter to get to a certain country and for them to write and send also. So, it's a constant mail for me and I love it.

Who was your first penpal? Where was she/he from? How did you get in to penpalling?

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  1. I love your whole layout and blog..Good idea. I am following you girl. I love the same things as you do and feel the same way. Hugs~ Renee

  2. Please don't forget to reply for the book swap on Sirpriz, because some girls are waiting for news to send you a gift
    Have a nice day !