Monday, October 10, 2011

Samantha's Thought's October 2011

This is a column I write for an online penpal magazine at , it comes out once a month and is very informative and fun. Please check it out.!

Imagine your life is living in the 1950's, your family just arrived here in America to be free from their country. You have to learn a new language ( I have been told English is the hardest language to learn) , and learn our customs and culture. In school you are different and outcasted.
You go home to a nice love, warming house where your mom is cooking in the kitchen and you turn on your black and white tv and all you see is American Bandstand dance/music show. Oh how you wish you could be on the tv show dancing.

You start being homesick and decide to write your best friend in the country you can from and you tell your best friend about your new life here. Little did you know the letter you are mailing is considered snail mail and penpalling is something you start doing for many years.

My nanna's family lived in the United States. Moved to this town ( West Sacramento) in the early 1900's from Missouri. My great grandmother was half Cherokee Native American and had living on an Indian Reservation with her children for many years. She raised 4 kids there but decided to move and they did just that.
I have been told many stories from my family about first moving here, going to school, being poor, raising kids, etc

On my dad's side my grandma and her family came from France. WHen they came to this country they bought some property and somehow became part of the Hatfield and McCoy feud that last for I think 7 years. They fought over a pig. yes, you read it right.
Since then my family has dropped the MC and now just go by Coy but no matter how they change their name, I know the real story of where I come from. Yes, the McCoy family comes from Ireland and Druids. Well at least the part of my family did.

They always wrote long letters back home.
That's why I enjoy writing and meeting others from different countries. I grew up in a diverse family and the craziness that goes on but that's what make's family. Even if they move to another state or another country, no matter what we keep in touch.

I have met a lot of people over the years and I am thankful for their friendship. I have 10 friends that I can confide it no matter what and they can confide in me.
What keeps you penpalling? Is it the mail? The idea of receiving mail from another country that intriques you? The writing itself? The friendships you make?
It's football season and in my house it's all that's on tv. We are Greenbay Packers fans and I have a soft spot for the Dallas Cowboys.

I went and had another MRI on my knee because for the past couple of months I have been in horrible pain so they was to operate again to see the problem. I am not looking forward to it at all. But, it need's to get done.

Hope everyone is having a great time penpalling

Love Always,
Samantha Stroy

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