Sunday, November 27, 2011

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Writer's Block: It’s the end of the world

If you knew today was your last day on Earth, how would you spend it, and why?

This is one of those topics that makes you think and think about it over and over again until you just consider you have no answer to. No one knows what exactly is becoming as of December 21st,2012. Could be good, could be bad. I think this will be a time in our era that is not sure of what will happen. I thought about this question a lot and have had conversations before. I know if Tomorrow was going to be december 21, 2012, then I will be spending it with my children and husband. At least if we all go out as once in history then make it remarkable. Even if I don't make it or something happens to my husband, (knock on wood it don't) I want my kids to remember me being a positibe and loving role model. Like, remembering something special in all of them in knowing how much love we gave them.

I do not think the world will end. It reminds me more of what everyone was expecting for the year 2000 that came and went. People said the computers and all electronics would not work, and guess what? We made it through. Now, here and now with this whole 2012 will end. I mean, it is the end of an era in the Mayan Calender, not our Gragorain one we use today. To the Mayan's, their calender ends and begins a new phase. Just with every year we have a birthday marked on when we were let to live and make our independace in this world out of the womb.

I try to be optimistic because if I am wrong and the world does come to an end, it makes me teary eyed just thinking on who I will be losing and those who have affected my life until this day. If all somehow make it to the same place we all know where high in the sky, I just hope your life was what you wanted it to be.

I have been on this Earth for 27 years, 28 years in 9 days, I have learned how to love, how to trust, how to feel emotions, sharing my love and making a family of my own, graduating high school being 2 1/2 months pregnant, getting married, and basically looking back on everything makes me feel very good about my life. Even with all the triamph and strive I have been through before becoming an adult until right now in my life, I am content with being a married, stay at home mom and being able to let go of this world at ease and love in my heart.

I just hope that I have made an empact in someone's life as much as I have received from those alive and dead in my life. Growing from it and learning from my mistakes.
Everything happens for a reason. Take the good with the bad and even it out, that way when the world comes to an end you know where you will stand and be okay with the life you had here on this Earth.


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  1. I would very much like to be your pen pal! I too am looking for some long term mail art pen pals. :)

    I had a long 2 year writer's block and then I started doing some art journaling and that really helped me break through the creative block. Ince I got things flowing eventually the river opened and the waters began to run again. :)

    I look forward to getting your letter and I will surely write back. :)