Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Go ask Alice book review

Go Ask Alice- By Beatrice Sparks Review by Samantha Stroy.

First, I want to say before I get to the review is I didn't have to read

this. In fact I read it for all the wrong reasons. My husband 's high

school English class was reading it and he has never been the best at

studying and reading books. ( he's a great reader, just hates to read.)

So, he brought home his homework and was struggling with it. So, I

decided to get my own copy and read it and help him with his

homework. Anyway, I fell in love with the book and what was

suppose to read 30 pages of it just to help him, well I read the whole

thing. I have read it a total of 7 times and love every minute of it.

The story is about a 15 year old girl in the 1970's and receive's a

diary to write her feelings and emotions in. It started out innocent

but somewhere along the line she was slipped a LSD drug at a party

and somehow she liked it and wanted more. She would do anything

she could think of to get high again. She met and started hanging out

with some bad kids at school. Then, she was kicked out of school for

selling drugs and being on drugs, then kicked out of her house.
She ended up running away from her town to San Francisco,

California to start a new life. She ends up hitting an all time low

and started sleeping with guys, and other random things just to get

money for her next dope baggy. All at the same time she is writing

her journal entries on paper bags, napkins, random scrap paper, and

anything else she can think of to write on. she ends up back home

and put in rehab to get rid of her withdrawls and to start clean and

not be on dope anymore.

Everytime I read this book I like it all over again like the first time.

It's one of those books you can read over and over and not feel guilty

reading it. I have always liked the whole diary format books. It's a

great way of writing and the reading is more fun.
There are way more books in the same format that Beatrice Sparks

writes. Her way of writing reminds me of Ellen Hopkins books.

This is on the banned books list of reading material which I

understand if you are 14 and under. But, for high school reading

material, you are old enough to read a book like this and learn a

positive message from it.
It's a book that even though its about a negative subject, you can

learn from it. Like, learning from other people's mistakes.

"This groundbreaking classic is more compelling than ever for today's

readers. A sensation when it was first published and a perennial

bestseller ever since, this real-life diary charts an anonymous

teenage girl's struggle with the seductive--and often fatal--world of

" Taken from Goodreads."


  1. I read this book in high school but I literally cannot remember what it's about and reading your description doesn't spark my memory!


  2. lol... Im thinking of adding some quotes from the book and make a post about it.. It is one of my favorite books and I think some of the quotes will remind you of the book :)