Tuesday, May 31, 2011

June issue of Samantha's Thought's

Hi Everyone,
   Welcome to the June issue of Samantha's Thought's. Today is a honorable holiday in
the USA called Memorial Day. ( May 30th). I chose to pick this day to write my column
because I feel like I need to honor and respect those in my family that have fought in
the military and honored my family.
My grandfather on my dad's side was a respectful marine. He passed away when I was 2
years old but I do remember how he smelled. Like peppermind and cigars. At times I
smell out of the blue.
My Uncle Tommy was in the Navy and was drafted when he was 18. My mom was 8 at
the time but he wrote her letters that she still has.
Also, my nanna has letters from all three of her sons that fought in the military as well.
It's amazing to be able to read those letters from before I was born. More then half of
my family has been in the military and I am proud they fought for my and other's
freedom today.
I am doing another journal letter project kawaii style with a friend of mine ( Hi,
Cecelia), and I am excited about it. We are going to add day by day entries and quotes,
kawaii stickers and artwork and stuff like that.
Recently, I have gotten into book reviews. In fact I share a blog with Stephanie (
http://beautybriteblog.blogspot.com/ ) calles Bee's Knee's Review's (
http://beeskneesreviews.blogspot.com/ ). We receive free books from authors that are
looking for exposure and recognition. I am excited to be apart of something so
Lately, my inspiration has been a big negative but that's all about to change. Does that
ever happen to you?
What time of day or night is best for you to write?
Me, Im better writing at night when the house is quiet, listening to music, a few candles
lit and fresh air.
Although, if it is a nice day I will be on my back porch writing or reading when it's nice
and sunny.
I need a favor from all my viewers, can you please visit my blog and follow it or leave a
comment about my column. If you like it, or not or if anything needs to be worked on
more. ( http://itsapenpalworld.blogspot.com/ ) I would appreciate it. I just want to
know who reads and likes my column or who doesn't, It;s important to me to see if my
writing is likable by others. I guess I criticize myself too much. So, please let me know by
leaving a comment.
When I started penpalling at age 15, everypne seemed so much older then me. Now, I
feel I'm the older one. lol.
If anyone wants some excess fb's, label bags, deco's, sticker bags, etc I have plent and
have no problem sending them to whomever. Just drop me an email. All my info is at
the bottom of this column.
What is the most thing you look for when searching for a penpal? How do you let
someone know you can't be penpals with them because after a few letters it doesn't
work out?
Recently, my oldest daughter was in her school talent show and her and 7 other girls
danced to Hannah Montana's "HoeDown Throwdown" it was cute and she received an
award for it. My middle child turned 5 years old and starts kindergarten this August.
She's excited.
I'm looking for some suggestions to what to write about for the July issue and future
issues. What do you want to see, know about, want to read?
My 7th wedding anniversary is July 4th which is Independence day here. I will talk more
about that in the July issue.
But, I am open to any and all suggestions. Please comment on my blog and let me know.
Looks like I will end here. I hope you enjoyed this issue and I look forward to any
feedback on my blog. If your looking for a long letter penpaller or someone who likes to
swap kawaii then message me on facebook.
Until next time,
Love Always,
Samantha Stroy
http://itsapenpalworld.blogspot.com/ ( penpal blog)
http://beeskneesreviews.blogspot.com/ ( book review blog)

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